Fall in Love with Cookies Again!


I’ve always enjoyed baking, but I’d never really craved desserts…until going gluten free.  All of the sudden, desserts were forbidden and I not only wanted them, I needed them!  I would dream about cakes, cookies and drool over dessert counters. Gluten free tends to be lumped into the health food category, but let me tell you, my biggest cravings are anything but healthy! I miss my sweets. I eat healthy most days, but I believe a little treat every once in a while is a good thing. You don’t need another salad recipe, so bring on the butter, eggs, oil and full fat and indulge yourself again on things you don’t have to live without.

I was afraid to make desserts again. I thought they could never be the same.  The desserts I’d bought seemed so dry and didn’t taste the same. Cakes were overly dense and cupcakes felt like they weighed 5 pounds each. Many had a grainy texture that was quite the opposite of enjoyable.  If you have great bakery and product suggestions please share because the ones I tried missed the mark.

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