Gnocchi in a Sage Butter Sauce


Let us hope winter is soon coming to an end, but while it lingers this is the perfect dish to make. Gnocchi now seems to be a very popular restaurant dish and I remember making it as a child in my Grandmothers kitchen. I cherish those memories and knew I couldn’t live a life without gnocchi, even if I now have to live gluten free.

My husband and I love centering our dates on food. We pick a new restaurant in the city to try, put the kids to bed and make something special just for the two of us or attend cooking classes. Finding cooking classes I can attend and enjoy makes that last one a bit harder these days. However, I was able to find one for cheese making. We are cheese people. If we’re having friends or family over, you can guarantee there will be a cheese board out.

I signed us up for the cheese making class at the Mozzarella Company. It may be an unusual date idea, but we had a blast. We learned about cheese, made cheese, ate cheese and of course drank a little wine. I knew we’d be making ricotta and couldn’t wait to take that fresh ricotta and turn it into gnocchi. You can also use store bought ricotta in this recipe. If you aren’t ready to make your own pasta or short on time you can substitute with your favorite gluten free dried pasta.

This dish just kept coming together in my head. Every time I talked about it my husband would comment on how I added another element. I wanted perfection and in the end all the favors married together so beautifully. They play on one another to form a pleasing and fully satisfying pasta. This meal is hearty and filling, perfect for fall or winter. If you are looking for pasta substitutions I’d go with penne or fusilli. It’s all about balancing the favors. Feel free to add a little fresh lemon juice into the sauce if you feel it’s too rich and make sure to taste as you go, making adjustments until you’re happy with how the favors come together. Top with pumpkin seeds to add a nice crunch and saltiness.

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Fall in Love with Cookies Again!


I’ve always enjoyed baking, but I’d never really craved desserts…until going gluten free.  All of the sudden, desserts were forbidden and I not only wanted them, I needed them!  I would dream about cakes, cookies and drool over dessert counters. Gluten free tends to be lumped into the health food category, but let me tell you, my biggest cravings are anything but healthy! I miss my sweets. I eat healthy most days, but I believe a little treat every once in a while is a good thing. You don’t need another salad recipe, so bring on the butter, eggs, oil and full fat and indulge yourself again on things you don’t have to live without.

I was afraid to make desserts again. I thought they could never be the same.  The desserts I’d bought seemed so dry and didn’t taste the same. Cakes were overly dense and cupcakes felt like they weighed 5 pounds each. Many had a grainy texture that was quite the opposite of enjoyable.  If you have great bakery and product suggestions please share because the ones I tried missed the mark.

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Roasted Poblano Risotto


I love food!   It’s always on my mind. What am I going to eat, cook or indulge in today? After learning I was a celiac, my thoughts changed. I went on a strict diet eating fruits, veggies and meat, but I was bored. I felt food deprived and stressed over all of the things I couldn’t eat anymore. I needed to find my passion for food and cooking again. There are so many great foods that are naturally gluten free.

Risotto is gluten free!  Who doesn’t love a creamy risotto?  Now if you are looking for a traditional risotto, this one isn’t it.  I do use the same basic recipe every time I make risotto, but I change it up to match my mood or what ingredients I have on hand.  This recipe combines my two favorite foods, Italian and Tex-Mex. The two cuisines I was desperately missing right now.

I think this marriage of Italian and Tex-Mex come together nicely.  I know it’s not traditional and my Italian ancestors would probably cringe, but this is my twist. If you like a bit more spice in your life, like I do, add 2 poblano peppers instead of one or a few jalapeños.  I usually make some grilled chicken to go with this dish as my husband, Brandon, doesn’t understand having a meal without meat.  I myself am perfectly content with just the risotto.

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